Chapter 6: Privacy and the Government

From Dan:
Privacy and the government isn’t an issue that explicitly comes up in Star Trek: Into Darkness. That being said, throughout all of the Star Trek series, there are certainly a plethora of occasions in which the topic of, for example, surveillance comes up. At one point in Into Darkness, when the Starfleet senior officers, captains, and first officers are in a meeting at Starfleet HQ, Captain Kirk (or at the time, First Officer Kirk) has the ability to examine a full-freedom, 3D image taken during the event that they are discussing. Video surveillance came up in the chapter, and this is a big component of Star Trek. Even more so, in the rest of the series, between the other movies and the shows, there are a number of times when someone will ask the Enterprise’s computer the location of someone else whether they are on the ship or they’ve gone down to a planet to explore or survey. This illustrates the fact that no one is ever truly lost or even hiding, because the ship’s computer knows where they are, and I can imagine that even off the ship, there is a similar system in place on earth or any of the other planets.


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